Skilled Nursing

Our nursing team is made up of LPNs and RNs who will complete a thorough assessment, implement a care plan, provide education, and re-evaluate progress while striving to assist the patient in reaching their goals. Our skilled nursing staff may also provide services such as: administration of IV medications, post-op care, gastric tube teaching and care, diabetic home care and teaching, in-home lab work, coagulation management and wound care.

physical therapy

Physical Therapy

Our therapists provide exercises, massage, and pain relief measures for illness or injuries from fractures, stroke, arthritis, spinal cord injuries, heart or lung disease, and debilitation due to lengthy hospitalizations.

occupational therapy

Occupational Therapy

Our therapists focus on muscle strength and coordination, use of adaptive equipment and retraining in homemaking skills, grooming, hygiene, and dressing due to various medical conditions and lengthy hospital stays.

speech pathologist

Speech-Language Pathologist

We provide treatment for those experiencing difficulty swallowing or verbally communicating after a stroke or other medical condition. Our speech-language pathologist assesses our patients and plans and provides rehabilitation services for speech and language disorders.

infusion services

Infusion Services

Our team of nurses are competent in performing PICC line and Port management, IV antibiotic management., Hydration therapy, Radicava infusions, TPN management, and  lab draws. Restore Home Health has received a specialty accreditation in Infusion Services through ACHC and is dedicated to keeping up with best practice standards so that patients can be cared for at home.

social worker

Medical Social Worker

Our medical social workers work with our consumers to ensure that they are aware of all of the resources available to them. The goal of our medical social worker is to make sure that the consumer’s needs are being met physically, mentally, and spiritually.

family, relations, age and people concept - happy senior couple and psychologist or social worker at home

Mental Health Services

Our psychiatric nurses work together with physicians to develop and initiate a patient’s specific plan of care. They assess physical, psychological and social status in order to plan patient care. They also perform nursing interventions and maintain effective communication.

home health aid

Home Health Aides

Our aides are available to assist with personal care such as bathing, dressing, toileting, eating, and light housekeeping chores.

Military Veteran

Veterans Home Health Services

Restore home health provides comprehensive home care to active and retired military service members and their families through the Tricare and TriWest networks. As a full service home health provider Restore can provide a one stop solution to home care needs. Restores comprehensive care team includes Skilled and unskilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and behavioral health services.

Workers Comp

Workers Compensation Home Health Services

Restore Home Health provides comprehensive care and treatment for the injured worker. We provide outcome driven care plans for a safe and timely return to work that produce best in class customer and client satisfaction while containing overall costs.

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